Starring MH Bio

livelong melody + a push from a friend

As a teen, Matt Hanley was a star of the 2002 Nickelodeon series "Bedroom Guys" -- a failed reboot of The Monkees. He worked in TV writing until the fabled actor John Ritter died. Shattered, MH walked the American South, learning the blues guitar.

In 2016 MH met the original Starring MH - a model / fashion exec born in Los Angeles by way of France. They became friends, and she encouraged him to pursue his music, and she let him use her name, if he formed a really good band, and strived for greatness. The real MH served as a muse for the first album, and continues to give great ideas.

Starring MH exists to carry the torch for stars whose lives were cut short, especially Marilyn Monroe and Tom Petty.

here's the real MH giving encouragement